Martin D12x1ae Acoustic Electric Guitar Natural

by Ronnie Young

in Martin Acoustic Guitars

Martin D12x1ae Acoustic Electric Guitar Natural

Everything from the introductory steps of design to the final set-up of of solid-body, hollow-body and semi-acoustic electric guitars is covered step by step in this book. It also holds a section regarding winding your own pickups.

Review”Kochuses the bare fundamental principle as a jumping off point, going on to describe electricguitarconstruction in a exhaustive and orderly manner” — Book review in issue number 63 of American Lutherie, the quartely diary of The Guild of American Luthiers

From the AuthorThere are a heap of dissimilar methods of designing and building an instrument. In this book, I am going to describe my personal approach and experiences. If work is carried out with outstanding care and precision, everyone will in the end have a good-quality and nice-looking instrument to call their own. I would even go so far as to assert that a home-made electric guitar may well compete with expensive, industrially-manufactured makes; after all you may afford to select the best wood available and to buy highquality hardware as well as to tailor the instrument to fit your personal requirements. And, what’s more, you may afford to invest a lot of time. I ought to likewise like to mention the special kinship with “your” guitar that you are going to enjoy, a sentiment which you will hardly ever experience with a purchased instrument.

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5If you buy only one book, make sure that it’s this one!!!
By Joseph N Falzon
(At the time of writing) I have yet to even finish reading this magnificent book and I’m completely convinced that this is the one book that will guide me through the entire routine of guitar building. I have read both editions of Melvyn Hiscock’s “Make your own electric guitar” (and would likewise recomend them), however, I feel that this book ought to be the bench mark. The author goes into each detail of guitar construction (three guitars are detailed) in a manner that is easy to follow and understand. My only complaint (sorry Martin!!) is that the detail contained in a great deal of of the accompanying photo’s is a little hard to pick up (although not impossible!!). Congratulations on developing an magnificent and most informative book! My thanks likewise to the translater of the firstborn work.

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4Good book, bad publisher
By Alan Richrod
Martin Koch has compiled a lot of good info in this book. I haven’t seen this much selective information with regards to electric guitars in any one book. If you are only going to buy one book on electric guitars (why would you, really) this is a good one. He goes into winding pickups, respective wiring ideas, and various building techniques. The problem (really the only one) is that the illustrations, while numerous, are rather little and poorly reproduced. You may see what each one is but there were apparent registration and focus problems. It looks like they used digital images of low resolution. The publisher must have taken more care. That said it’s not sufficient to make me regret the purchase. This is a worthful addition to my library.

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5Whole lotta info…
By Fabio Mayo Belligotti
Although I haven’t in truth got to build my guitar I feel convinced in recomending this book. After been playing for some years and doing things for myself (setup, maintenance and repair) I may make sure that this book will provide the beginner with more than sufficient background selective information for the lutherie business or hobby. A big plus to this book is the frequent making something publicly available of low-cost solutions to build a number of aparatus that would aid in the absence of pricey and/or hard to find tools.
The author is distinctly into the pleasure of the craft and concerned with the reader achieving the final goal: build an instrument.
I’d likewise like to commend the author’s new book on building lap steels. I haven’t read it all the way, but it does integrate a large total of utile information. Pictures in the book may be downloaded bigger, in color and with better solution from the web, and the timid beginner will found confort in building a very simple lap steel project and progressively go into building more sophisticated instruments.
5 stars surely isn’t reasonable sufficient to the AUTHOR’s dedication to the craft and to instructing it.

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